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There are numerous reasons for taking advantage of investment opportunities or doing business in the Gatineau Valley. Here are just some that will catch your attention.

A very significant vacationer market

The Gatineau Valley, which consists of 15 municipalities, 2 cities and 2 Algonquin communities, has a population of 20,000, which is doubled to 40,000 with the influx of vacationers who spend a large portion of their time here. This creates excellent purchasing power and enhances the sustainable growth of local communities.

30 minutes from Gatineau and Ottawa

The Gatineau Valley is located in a very strategic geographic axis in terms of business development. Being a mere 30 minutes from Gatineau and Ottawa, it opens the door to a world of opportunities to be developed.

Prioritization and coaching for new projects

The various public administration bodies on the territory (the Gatineau Valley SADC – Société d’aide au développement des collectivités, Services Québec, the Maniwaki and Gatineau Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Gatineau Valley Carrefour jeunesse emploi, the Gatineau Valley RCM, Municipalities, etc.) are open to new commercial projects and facilitate the implementation process while at the same time placing human resources at the forefront.

Annual purchasing power of $600 million

The local population of the Gatineau Valley combined with vacationers offer companies access to a local market with purchasing power of close to $600 million per year. This is a very fertile area where one can set up and prosper.

A cost advantage

The Gatineau Valley is more affordable, particularly when it comes to the real estate market, property taxes and some operating costs.

A committed work force

With a work force of close to 9000, the Gatineau Valley region provides a devoted and loyal work force that tends to the needs of businesses which listen to their employees.

An exceptional living environment

The Gatineau Valley offers a vibrant living environment with a wealth of day-to-day accomplishments and fulfillment in family, social and professional settings.

Nearby public services

The range of public and entertainment services along with product/service offerings of businesses make the Gatineau Valley an ideal place to settle for business and family reasons. Grocery stores, restaurants, infrastructures, cultural and leisure activities, education services, medical care and much more – it’s all here!

High-speed Internet for teleworkers

The constant deployment of high-speed Internet in our various communities makes it easier to communicate with customers and suppliers, and enables companies to develop and take advantage of all of the attendant opportunities.

Local and supportive companies

Gatineau Valley entrepreneurs are proud of the various activities they have developed and the influence this has had. In keeping with their desire for solidarity and well-being of their employees and fellow citizens, they are strongly committed to their environment to maintain the lifestyle associated with the Valley. Being an entrepreneur in the Gatineau Valley means more than total sales!